Sunday 16 December 2018

I'm looking for a car that will fit three child seats

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Peugeot 3008 GT

FIRST off this week, apologies for not getting to all your queries online. It was just impossible — and a shocking flu didn’t help. Please feel free to re-send the ones we missed.

I’m looking for a vehicle that will fit three car seats. I’m open to either a 5-seater saloon or a 7-seater SUV but not interested in a people carrier. The car seats are all forward facing and Isofix points are not required, or at least not more than one. I’m mainly driving around the Dublin area (about 20km-30km/day). I have a Skoda Octavia, which is great, and wondered if the Superb would take three car seats? Also considering a Qashqai+2 but wondered if there’s any other suggestions. My budget is €10,000-€12,000.

Aidan: Considering your mileage you should buy petrol. However, your budget might require a lot of patience and some fortunate timing if you are to capitalise on what little becomes available to meet your criteria. Yes, the Superb would be ideal but the newest model is too dear for you and the older model sold almost exclusively in diesel. The Qashqai is a nice choice but I can’t be certain of the comfort level for your three little ones in the back. It should be fine and 2012 models are within your grasp. Also, look for a petrol Honda CR-V. It will be thirstier on fuel but it will be roomy and reliable. You should find a 2011 model is affordable. Don’t rule out a Toyota Avensis. It’s not terribly exciting but it’s functional and the petrol engine is sturdy and frugal.

Eddie: You’ll have to go diesel even though your mileage is small, otherwise you’re boxing yourself into a corner of limited choice. Buy a Skoda Superb diesel with as low mileage as possible. Big, roomy car.

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