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If you’re looking to buy, then this is a must

IT IS widely regarded as the buyer’s friend and has just being published for 2011.

Motorshow Car Buyers Guide 2011’ costs €1 less than last year and at €3.95 is the sort of value we don’t get too often these days.

This is packed with easily accessible information.

If you need a focus on what you might want to buy or a detailed overview of what is out there, this has the facts, no hype,just solid advice.

It gives no-nonsense verdicts on every new car and focuses on more than a hundred new models on the way.

This is the sort of knowledge that can be invaluable and may avert purchase of a model that is just going to be replaced by a spanking new one.

Every existing new model on the market is listed and – more importantly – rated on its merits.

At the end of each concise review is a ‘Buy or Don’t Buy’ verdict.

Couldn’t be more straight forward.

It is on sale at all good newsagents.