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I was a serial offender but it's no more texting for me


I admit it, I've been a serial offender. Stuck in traffic, stopped at lights, even sprinting down the M50. But no more.

Long a fan of Bluetooth in the car, I didn't realise just how regularly I use my smartphone at the wheel for texting and emailing. It is scarily habit-forming and really annoying for fellow drivers, not to mention unsafe.

You think you've merely glanced at your 3.5-inch screen, then look up to find the lights have long gone green, or you're suddenly a full 100 yards behind the line of traffic in front. That's the scary bit – it is so engrossing that you do forget where you are.

We have become programmed to expect pretty much immediate responses to our texts and emails, irrespective of time or place.

Somehow an etiquette has been allowed to develop whereby there is no safe sanctuary from the torment of that infernal bleep. Not breakfast, not the weekend and not the drive home.

That's about to change, and from now on those responses will have to await my getting in the front door each evening. "Honey, I'm home! Now just let me answer these texts and emails . . ."

It will take getting used to, and I reckon it will lengthen the working week by the guts of two hours, but this clampdown is welcome.

We all know that using a smartphone at the wheel is anything but smart. Sadly, it has taken punitive action to bring some of us to our senses. And to the realisation that a drive home free from those infernal bleeps is quite a pleasant prospect.

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