Monday 11 December 2017

'I simply can't understand how anyone could smoke with children in the car'

In-car smoking
In-car smoking
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

We've had quite a response to last week's Talking Point about adults smoking when there are children in the car. The vast majority were hugely supportive. Here are just two of their emails

I couldn't agree with you more (about people smoking in cars). I get quite upset when I see adults smoking with children in the car. Sometimes both parents, maybe with a tiny baby in a baby seat. If at traffic lights, I often feel like getting out and asking if they are trying to commit murder. I hold back as I feel these people are very selfish and would be quite aggressive.

I wouldn't like to upset myself, or more importantly, the little ones. They are so righteous about their right to smoke. How do you educate these people? I hope some day when these children grow up they will take a legal case against their parents or the Government for not banning smoking in cars or anywhere near children.

Please keep this in the public domain.



You have highlighted a real concern and one that I see nearly every day. How can people be so thoughtless? Don't let this issue fade away. There is too much at stake.



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