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Honda unleashes price war

HONDA unleashed a New Year price war by cutting the price of models -- by as much as 6pc -- across the range.

They have brought in new options for the Civic range, especially the 1.4Si special edition i-VTEC 5dr hatch from €20,995. Prices for all Civics are cut.

The Jazz now starts at €15,895 and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) is standard on all its seven models (1.2l-litre and 1.4l i-VTEC engines, with manual and i-shift transmissions).

The Insight SE hybrid now starts at €22,375 (this includes VRT refund).

All Accord diesel prices have been cut -- with the exception of some automatics. The diesel range now starts at €32,500 for the ES option. And CR-V diesel prices are down.

Irish Independent