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Have you slept in your car?

ONE of the quirkier findings in the recent 'Skoda Motoring' insights published recently is that 37pc of men admit they have spent the night in the car.

It conjures up all sorts of possibilities and scenarios.

The high proportion of men who admitted getting through the night in their motor contrasts with 15pc of women who revealed they had also achieved such a questionable feat. Which also conjures up more serious questions about their safety.

The report also found that 20pc of those surveyed admitted to texting while driving.

Yet 56pc said four or more penalty points should be given to phoning-at-the-wheel offenders.

Speeding also carries penalty points yet 66pc of men and 46pc of women admitted to driving at speeds of 140kph or more.

In other survey findings:

• One quarter of respondents admitted they don't know how to change a tyre.

• Almost 10pc of drivers admitted damaging another vehicle while parking.

• And finally, most drivers (79pc) would buy a new car even if their neighbour had just lost their job.

Indo Motoring