Tuesday 20 March 2018

Giving Opel credit where it's due

Campbell Spray

Campbell Spray

I had a few comments regarding my piece on the Opel Astra saloon last week and how the car had been spoilt for me by some design faults in the cabin.

I do understand if people think I did a disservice to the car by not giving it a fuller review and letting a few small issues take centre stage.

However, I do think it is part of my role to give my feelings and impressions of a car and if certain things mean I couldn't live with the car, then I should say it. That seems to me to be the whole point.

Unfortunately in the editing process the last line of the piece was cut. The last sentence should have read: Sorry Opel, you deserve credit for a lot of work on the Astra saloon, but you must do better.

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