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Monday 20 January 2020

Getting a real buzz out of marketing electric cars

• What's your background?

I studied marketing and PR and after that went into the hospitality industry, where I managed self-catering properties in Waterford and Killarney for private investors. Then I went to Australia for a year and worked with Citibank. Having returned from my year travelling, I got a job in marketing and PR with BDO Simpson Xavier, before being headhunted to work with an events company. I then moved into the motor industry.

• What does your job involve?

It varies on a daily basis but includes customer service, in-house training, advertising, managing budgets and sponsorship opportunities.

I am also responsible for all areas of branding. As EV brand ambassador, I'm the point of contact for any customer interested. We will be doing launches and events around the new electric range.

• What do you like most about your job?

I love the varied role that I have. One day I am doing radio /press interviews, other days I am meeting customers and coming up with ideas to launch at the dealership.

On another day, I am talking to customers about the electric range and organising test drives.

• Are you a car person?

I wasn't really before I began working in the industry. But I love the electric Fluence. It's surreal to drive a car with no engine noise.

• If you could work in another industry, what would it be?


• If you had a limitless budget, what would be your dream car?

Megane cabriolet hardtop in cream, with red leather seats.

• What are the most frequently asked questions by people interested in buying an electric car?

How far can you drive it before recharging, and can I charge it at home?

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