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Geneva to host Toyota, Hyundai debuts

WE are into Geneva countdown big time now, with both Toyota and Hyundai promising world debuts of new models.

Toyota will unveil its Yaris HSD hybrid and a Prius+ – a seven-seat full hybrid.

Hyundai will unwrap its new large-family motor the i40, while the new three-door Veloster coupe will also be making its European debut.

Toyota say the Yaris HSD marks the introduction of full hybrid power to supermini market.

There will be interest too in the Prius+ which it says is the first car designed for European markets to have seven seats with a full hybrid powertrain.

This has more passenger and luggage room than the current five-seater.

The Hyundai i40 goes on sale across Europe from June 2011, while looking much further ahead the company plans to show off the Curb concept.