Monday 25 March 2019

Eddie Cunningham: 'Parking on corners and ignoring disabled parking slots... we've become slipshod and selfish'

Motoring Editor Eddie Cunningham discusses how Irish drivers are flouting parking rules by parking on corners, across parking lines in supermarket car parks, and wrongly parking in disability parking spaces when they're not entitled to. We've become slipshod and selfish, he says.

Gardaí shared this image of a car in Limerick parked across two disabled parking spots in December of last year.
Gardaí shared this image of a car in Limerick parked across two disabled parking spots in December of last year.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

We're losing the run of ourselves again, I fear. I see evidence of it every where I turn.

For example, I can't get over how so many drivers feel it's okay to park on a corner – be it in a town or on a country road.

Do they care that little about blocking the view of other motorists – and risk having their own car damaged, or causing an accident?

No, it appears they don’t give much thought to it: the ‘I’m alright Jack (Jane?)’ mentality is back with a bang. We had more manners in the Depression when there was more palpable courtesy and less of a sense of ‘Me First’. 

What else can you deduce when you see people feeling perfectly entitled to clog up an entire pathway by parking their car in as far as possible? Mums pushing prams, elderly people, school children all having to divert via the road? Tough. 

And don’t get me started about the boom-time disregard for others when it comes to ordinary, every-day parking in shopping centres etc. How often do you see cars straddling two parking slots? Or pulled in so tight that it’s nearly impossible for anyone to get in, or out, of the neighbouring car? Who cares so long as Jack or Jane is alright?

The ultimate sneaks, however, are those who park in a disabled bay while they dash to the shops "for a minute" (that becomes 30) and put unwarranted pressure on those denied legitimate access.

I'm not coming over all sanctimonious and I’m sure people could point the finger at me, but I am increasingly dismayed at how slipshod and selfish we're becoming.

Maybe we’ve never had it so good economically - but we had much better manners in the Depression.

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