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Sunday 8 December 2019

Drivers 'dice with danger' warning over tyre fail rates

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AS latest figures show more than half of motorists are failing their NCT tests, the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) has warned of motorists dicing with danger in wet conditions by not having their tyres replaced in time.

Over one in nine NCT failures this year have been due to poor tyre condition, over a period when much of the country has been experiencing record levels of rainfall.

So far this year, over 192,000 cars have failed the NCT first time, a failure rate of 50.4 per cent, and the third year in a row that the failure rate has exceeded 50 per cent.

Tyre condition is currently the second most common disqualifying fault, accounting for over 11 per cent of NCT failures. Tyre tread depth, meanwhile, is a disqualifying fault in over 8 per cent of tests.

"It is shocking to think that more than half of all motorists coming in for an NCT are driving unroadworthy cars," says Kevin Farrell, president of the ITIA.

"That clearly spells danger for themselves and their fellow road users. Equally worrying is that tyres account for such a high proportion of NCT failures, especially given the very high prevalence of rain so far this year."

The ITIA warns that wet roads and worn tyres are a deadly combination.

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