Friday 19 January 2018

Don't blame your car -- it's probably the tyres

After this, you will not be able to say you forgot.

If snow falls again and the ice makes travelling by car treacherous, don't blame your motor (especially if it has rear-wheel drive). Maybe you should take a closer look at your tyres.

It is possible to significantly improve your car's braking, accelerating and steering simply by fitting the right tyres.

Why do winter tyres make a difference? For a start, they are made of special compounds that harden less as temperatures fall. They are also covered in hundreds of what they call 'sipes', which help grip. An added bonus is that they also perform better overall in cold and wet weather.

The experts say a car on winter tyres will stop five metres sooner on a wet road from 100kmh than one on conventional rubber from 48kmh.

On snow, that increases to a huge 11 metres. On an icy road the difference at 32kmh is eight metres -- or two car lengths fewer than a vehicle using summer tyres.

Yes, a set of winter tyres costs money, but some clever people say if you use them for five winter months, then your summer ones will last twice as long. Winter tyres, for example, represent 48pc of the market in Germany and 18pc in Holland.

A lot of people blamed rear-wheel drive cars for being useless in snow last winter. They would have been much, much better with winter tyres.

Don't say you have not been warned.

Irish Independent

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