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Different cars strike chord with different voters

BMW 3-series a controversial choice

It is a privilege to be involved in motoring journalism. You, the reader, (potential buyer) make it such with your feedback and comments (not always favourable).

So I need to be upfront with you. I do not have a vote in the Continental Irish Car of the Year because I do not belong to the Irish Motor Writers' Association (IMWA).

My great, old, now sadly deceased Editor Vinny Doyle, told me I should aim to be independent and not let anything else really matter. I have tried. So have members of the IMWA, I have no doubt, some of whom I would regard as friends and many of whom I would respect as thorough professionals.

Which gives me the privilege to disagree with them – and they with me.

As you can see from the accompanying piece (below), the BMW 3-series won the Car of the Year award last week. It is a great car and I loved it when I drove it.

Whether an executive motor is a Car of the Year in a country that is broke is a moot point. I applaud it. Well done. The mould has been broken.

If I had a vote, I would have gone for the Ford B-MAX, which I think is innovative, family-oriented and well priced. I feel it should have at least been in the shakeup.

Maybe it was too late for inclusion, I don't know. But the Honda Civic was in plenty of time and wasn't mentioned. And so was the Volkswagen up! city car.

By coincidence, I had the 5dr version for a couple of days last week and was, again, mightily impressed with it. I would have had it in the shakeup.

Just so long as you know, dear reader, that I am prepared to risk the wrath of friends to comment on something that is on the one hand none of my business – I am not a member – but on the other is very much your business because an award of this stature carries clout. And that makes it my business.

I don't expect headlines for Eddie Cunningham's car of the year. But at least you know where I stand. You, and I, are entitled to that.

Indo Motoring