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Deals on wheels

We have the lowest-priced cars (pre-tax) in Europe. And that's before the government scrappage scheme is applied. If you have money saved or are one of the minority that can get finance, there has never been a better time to buy a new car.

The 2011 edition of Motorshow Car Buyers' Guide, left,, assists buyers with no- nonsense verdicts on every new car. It also has all the new car scoops, with details of more than 100 new models on the way.

Safety is a priority too, so the results of every model ever crash-tested are included. And very important for new car buyers, all the knowledge that you require to get a great deal. The last thing a car sales person wants are customers knowing more than he or she does about new models. Motorshow 2011 also delivers great expert verdicts, telling it as it is on each model, warts and all. You can get your copy at all good newsagents.

And the cover price has been reduced by €1. It could well be the best €3.95 that you will ever invest.

Sunday Independent