Sunday 25 February 2018

Dealers need to deliver the goods on 'related' charges

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VW have put the cost of having your revised Polo ready for the road at €750.
VW have put the cost of having your revised Polo ready for the road at €750.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

I just happened to notice the other day that Volkswagen have put the cost of having your revised Polo ready for the road at €750.

That is what is euphemistically called 'delivery and related charges'.

It is a lot of money.

But I unequivocally doff my cap to them – and to a few others who do the same.

Why? Because they go and publish the cost of delivery 'and related charges' with their price lists.

At least we know what the 'total' cost of buying a car is going to be.

And we should be told these things.

I'd be a rich man if I had a euro for every query/complaint I've had over the years from people who were shocked to find a car they thought would cost €15,000 would set them back nearly €16,000 after (perfectly legitimate) charges were added.

To an extent I, and the likes of me, am to blame because we don't emphasise enough that delivery charges are extra (I try, I really do).

It is much, much easier to do that when the distributor outlines the sum involved.

The thing about delivery charges is that they can be flexible; they can become part of the pricing/bargaining process. And I don't think that is right. It has people thinking they are a nebulous, negotiable charge.

They are supposed to be for the delivery of car (usually by transporter) from the compound to dealer.

They are also supposed to include the cost of pre-delivery inspection, a short test drive, adding number plates, mats in some cases, clearing away protective wrapping and sprayed-on coating outside and inside etc. I'd love to see all costs clearly outlined.

It would make it a level playing field for everyone concerned.

With the sort of money involved, surely that is not asking too much?

What do you think? You can let me know via and on

Twitter, @ecunninghamcars.

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