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Cyclists, like all road users, must be mindful of others


Road users can be very irresponsible, including cyclists

Road users can be very irresponsible, including cyclists

Road users can be very irresponsible, including cyclists

I would not be telling you this if I didn't have an eyewitness to verify it.

We were locked in traffic along College Green - there is a lot of Luas work being carried out. It was late and dark. There was a bus in front of us, its large frame barely a foot from the work barriers.

A cyclist passed our car and decided to squeeze through the narrow aperture between barrier and bus. We couldn't believe our eyes. We've no doubt he scraped the side of the bus even after swivelling the handlebars to make them narrower. He had to wriggle to get his body through.

We were speechless. Put it this way: if the bus driver had moved his vehicle, for any reason, had the lights changed, we would likely have witnessed a serious accident.

The cyclist was utterly reckless. He risked being crushed, possibly killed. You should have seen him force himself and his little bike by twisting the angle of the handlebars.

A few other cyclists arrived but chose to wait or took an alternative, safer route.

This is not me picking on cyclists; it is to highlight how irresponsible some road users can be. They don't give any thought to the repercussions of their actions.

Imagine what that poor bus driver would have suffered if he, unwittingly and innocently, had moved off? It could have been yet another 'tragedy'; yet another statistic. Yet another stupid waste of life.

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