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Cycling makes you a better driver; Skoda's powerful trio

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Skoda's vRS performance

Skoda's vRS performance

Skoda's vRS performance

I'LL admit I am still in the full-flush enjoyment of a short, but memorable, bicycle ride so maybe what follows is a bit over the  top.

It struck me that I might make so bold as to suggest that every driver, where possible, should cycle a few kilometres at least once a year to get a sense of what it is like to share the road with four-wheel vehicles. 

My two-wheel exposure was limited to a few interfaces  with traffic while cycling to, on and from the Newport to Mulranny section of Mayo's Great Western Greenway.

Other road users, car and van drivers were fine and all that but it sure brought a different outlook. I couldn't avoid feeling a bit vulnerable.

I think if you try it sometime (and are lucky to have access to a bike this summer) you might find that, like me, you'll come away with a different perspective.

* SKODA is all excited about its new vRS performance models (pictured) in the latest Octavia.

It's the first time there have been three different drive systems. As well as the petrol and diesel versions there will be an Octavia vRS iV plug-in hybrid.

It and the two-litre TSI Octavia vRS produce the same 245PS of power while the two-litre diesel pumps an impressive 200PS. It is the only model in the range with all-wheel drive on request.

The 'basic' Octavia is likely to go on the Irish market in September so we'll have to wait a wee while after that to enjoy the performance models.

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