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Countdown to the '152' starts here


Car sales

Car sales

Car sales

Another mid-summer, another new-car registration era.

Thousands and thousands of people are planning, or going, to buy a 152-reg model next month.

To coincide with that, the Irish Independent is delighted to publish this special '152 supplement' to help them make the best decision.

Knowledge is key at a time like this and we hope we have armed you with facts and advice to enable you to choose wisely.

Buying a car is a big undertaking: generally regarded as the second biggest after home purchase. As such it involves a considerable investment and commitment of your disposable income.

That is why we have provided you with a detailed and comprehensive guide to the cars that are here, due or imminent for the 152-reg period.

Paying for them is another matter, so we have a critical appraisal of how PCPs and the 'grey euro' are playing such central roles in the purchase of so many vehicles these days.

We also look at the potential pitfalls of buying - new or used - as well as examining the trends at play in the growth of Compact SUVs/Crossovers and luxury models.

Also here there are individual assessments of vehicles to suit students, families and first-time buyers.

We wish you luck on your great purchasing adventure and when you do take to the roads in your sparkling new model, please drive safely and carefully.

Eddie Cunningham

Motoring Editor

Irish Independent