Sunday 17 November 2019

Cold facts you can ill-afford to ignore – coughs and sneezes can be deadly

Colds and sneezes can be deadly in a car.
Colds and sneezes can be deadly in a car.

EVERY second person seems to have a cold at the moment so here is a timely alert: it could be dangerous to drive.

Believe it or not research is showing our concentration falls by 50pc when we have a cold.

And if you sneeze at the wheel you could travel 'blind' for 15 metres.

The latest research from Cardiff University's 'Common Cold Centre' has found that our concentration behind the wheel drops 50pc when we drive with a flu or bad cold.

The researchers discovered that reaction times lengthened significantly and people jumped on the brakes more frequently when they were a bit under the weather.

They put this down to drivers being less aware of what was going on in traffic. They also found that a driver with a cold is 30pc more likely to hit a kerb because their judgment of distance had deteriorated.

Two other warnings: taking medicine for a cold could leave you dangerously drowsy, while sneezing could mean you travel 15 metres without seeing anything.

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