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Wednesday 11 December 2019

Charge your electric car – the wireless way

IT could greatly reduce the need to plug in your electric car.

Under a new system being developed drivers would simply park their electric vehicle over a wireless energy source. That could be in the garage floor or embedded in a paved parking spot. The source would automatically transfer power to the battery charger on the vehicle.

Two companies – Delphi Automotive and WiTricity Corp – are working on the wireless system.

They say the collaboration will help establish a global infrastructure of “safe and convenient charging options” for consumer and commercial electric vehicles.

The technology could help carmakers integrate wireless charging directly into the design of their hybrid and electric vehicles.The new system would involve no plugs or charging cords.

According to WiTricity chief Eric Giler the wireless system can already transfer more than 3,300 watts, enough to charge an electric car at the same rate as most residential plug-in chargers.

But there is no getting away entirely from the plugin system. It will be needed so that drivers have the ability to charge their electric vehicle when away from their wireless charging source.

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