Wednesday 13 December 2017

Change motor tax forms to catch and beat the 'clockers'

Businessman in the car
Businessman in the car

Well, it has been a busy week for emails, with streams of responses to talking points on organ donors, car clocking and pedestrians running the gamut. Here's a sample.

Keep them coming. We won't use your name or address unless you say so. Thanks for all the lovely, encouraging comments too. Eddie.



There is a simple solution to limit the extent of this problem, motor tax renewal forms should be amended to include a column for recording mileage, with penalties for offenders.

I have to conclude from the longevity of this issue that due to vested interests in some parts of the trade and some car owners' malintent, that the correction of this problem will continue to be long-fingered, and the genuine consumer will continue to be burned and the image of the motor industry sullied.


What about this?

January 1, Mr Cunningham buys new car. When taxing car for first time you are required to record mileage. Obviously this will only be a few test kilometres which you have driven.

On every occasion you tax that car afterwards you will be required to record the mileage just as you are asked for your insurance details.

Five years later, Mr X spots your car for sale. He likes the car but is a bit concerned about mileage so he goes online and (for a small fee) looks up the recorded mileage since first registration.

In the interest of data protection, that is all the info he can get online -- simply the recorded mileage for the previous five years. This should be a relatively easy change to make to the taxing procedure as it is simply a software change in the system.

If this system was developed in England as well it would ease the worries of those importing cars.



Regarding organ donors -- look at the heartache brought about by having no donors available in given situations.

And then the happiness when, firstly, it's an option and then it is successful for both the recipient and their families.

You can't bring them with you.

Paul FitzGerald

PS: Love the down-to-earth reviews, Eddie. And 'My Side of the Road' is always spot-on.



It is frightening the number of pedestrians who abuse zebra crossings.

They walk across the road without even looking to see if they have the right of way.

And anywhere in the zone will do! Diagonal crossing is acceptable!

I thought you were meant to wait to give the driver a chance to see you, and then time to stop.

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