Monday 16 December 2019

Car-buying myths are debunked

MYTHS about women buying cars abound, the most widespread being that they dread having anything to do with it.

Not so, according to new research. Quite the opposite.

The survey, by car website, found that more mothers enjoy the process than 'dread' it. It found that more than 60pc enjoy buying a car. Mother plays a bigger role in the car-buying decision than traditionally thought, with only 3pc of those surveyed leaving it solely to the man of the house.

And far from being driven by the colour, make or model of a car, 44pc consider reliability as the most important factor.

Mothers (just like dads) want a practical, safe, family car. Alan Hazelhurst, managing director, said: "It's a common misconception that women are intimidated by the car-buying process. Our research highlights that the majority of women do enjoy shopping for a car."

Irish Independent

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