Wednesday 25 April 2018

Why some car parks are driving us up the wall

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Car parking is peeving people off
Car parking is peeving people off

Multi-storey car parks are the bane of thousands of motorists’ lives judging by the response to a piece on last Saturday’s Motoring Review in the Irish Independent.

Here are a few edited versions:


Just read your great column in today's Irish Independent. Have to agree with you about the multi-storey car parks. Car space in some would only take a Morris Minor. And as for trying to negotiate the bends and aisles leading to floors you'd only be comfortable in Sixties’ Mini.

In saying all of that, the worst I've found are the hospital car parks – badly laid out and scarily dark.

Love your articles,



Tallaght Hospital multi-storey car park is a disaster. As you drive in, you notice the ramps to the upper floors are not straight but are C-shaped. You note the marks on the walls where cars have been damaged. As you exit there are two ticket machines with steel poles level with the machines as normal. I always used the bay nearest the exit ramp. As I approached the first bay a van was parked. The driver got out and walked to the ticket office. As I turned into the next bay and approach the ticket machine I hit something; damage to front wing. I check to see what caused it. A steel pole bent in paper-clip shape cemented into the ground in front of the ticket machine. It is not visible from the car as you enter the bay. €585 to repair the damage.



People need to cop on. Either they can drive in situations like high-rise carparks or they shouldn’t be behind the wheel. If they would just take their time and not be looking to get in ahead of someone else into a parking spot it would be a lot easier.



I’ve seen some shocking examples of people just not physically able to manage these car parks. The angles and curves are all wrong in many. Why does everything have to be all concrete and steel? Can they not cover the areas most likely to scrape or damage a car with rubber or plastic mouldings? And Eddie you should highlight the ferocious cost of parking.


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