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Top things to do for Father’s day





Top tip, you need a car for this list

Dad’s are great aren’t they? Have you got a card?

This Sunday is the day to celebrate both having a Dad and most important; being a Dad. You know all those night feeds, early mornings and random sick on shoulders that you put your Father though?

Well now it’s time for payback, now is the time when Dad gets the day off to do what he wants to do and if you’re on this part of the site chances are either you or your Father are into driving, maybe you both are so here’s a few ideas you can do to make this Father’s day a fun one.

  1. Driving the Wild Atlantic way, or at least part of it. The R340 from Kilkieran in Co. Galway takes you around some spectacular views, this might be one for the convertible drivers among you but the roads are good and quick in places. There are plenty of scenic spots and there are a couple of heritage areas scattered around for things to do.
  2. Wicklow, driving over the R756 is always a good way to enjoy a little driving. This time of the year there tends to be a good few tourists in the area so watch out for random people just pulling over, if you are coming from the West you can stop in Gendalough for a coffee or head on through down to the beach head in Bray.
  3. Donegal to Killybegs is a short but quick road, there’s lots of little side turns that take you down tiny roads around the sea side and all of them loop back on to the N56 so just take a left anywhere and get lost, sure it’ll be grand
  4. Track day with Rally School Ireland, hire a tack for a few laps of the track. You’ll never experience something as thrilling as flying over a crest into a blind corner at the wheel of a real rally car. Call 047 89098
  5. Track day in Mondello, this is really worth a mention because it’s a working Race track and you can do my favourite Formula Shane, these are single seater cars that you can whip around the track and makes you feel like a Formula 1 star call them on 045-860200

So there’s some ideas as to what to do for Father’s day, if you’ve forgotten to get something for your Father then make sure He get’s breakfast in bed at least

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