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Top 10 old sexist car adverts


There might still be whiff of 'boys toys' about cars but it's nothing when compared to the advertising that went on years ago

Car ads tend to be a reflection of the attitudes in society because a car is all about style, fashion, pride and owning something exclusive. They tend to play on the kind of person the car company thinks will buy the motor.

I'm not quite sure what these ads say about the owners but we'll let the ads speak for themselves.




Mother warned you, don't get into a Dodge with that dress on because it'll stain the leather. The men who drive this Dodge aren't to be trusted either





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This BMW ad caused much outrage in the advertising world, created in 2008 to help sell the used stocks of BMW the ad says "You know you're not the first but do you really care?" It's an interesting ad because there isn't a car in it and chances are if there was a picture of a used BMW instead of a young pouting woman it would have made a good enticement for buying a used car.




Mini decided that women can't use a manual shift car at all and that they should have 'simple driving'. In the picture is a woman who looks not unlike Goldie Hawn who made a good living out of being a bit ditsy. So ladies stay away from manual cars and take Mini's advice 'lie down, close your eyes and think Mini'




Daihatsu brought these little vans out, there were some in Ireland but most are gone to the great pile of rust in the sky the others are lying on their side after flipping over when empty. This one in the ad isn't empty because you can fit more women in it than a Lambo. Technically the ad is right seeing as there were only two seats in most sports cars of the time but as you can see the man looks like he has stolen the women from a shop window rather than met them for a party. I wonder if he still has any of them?




The message 'spread your legs' I hope is more about the leg room in the back seat than it is back seat activity. You'll also note that the woman is dressed in coordinated colours that match the interior so she can only wear one dress with this car.




Don't get me started on this one, the VW Beetle ad that claims the best reason for owning one is that it's easy to repair when your wife crashes it. Still an iconic car today the advertising left a lot to be desired, naughty VW.




In the vain of a Carry On movie Sherpa decided that vital statistics are what matters when you want to sell a van. "The Sherpa stands way out in front, just like Anne" Anne Aston who is the lady in the ad was famous at the time from Golden Shot a UK based quiz show.




Subaru needed taming and according to Subrau so did the woman in your life. Not only that but she was yearning to be tamed, yuck. Good luck with that one.




Dodge knows how to treat a lady, dress her in a bikini and make her drive around with leather seats on a hot day by the lake; nice. Squelchy, sweaty bits aside this ad was only the tip of a very big iceberg that was Dodge advertising around the time.




The eternal triangle, man loves car, might dump woman for car. He shows her how the gear stick works and how to change tapes in the stereo, he also allows her to clean the seats; is there anything this man won't do? He mentioned marriage once, maybe to get her to wash the seats again. Who knows?


Honorable mention

Another thought was Honda's idea that they don't make a car for women, they just make cars. You don't have to know about the steering system to drive a car, you just want to know how it corners. The same is true today, I can't think of any car that's on sale today that a woman can't drive because it's made for man and the same can be said the other way around.