Monday 23 October 2017

The 5 worst replica performance cars from EBay

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Bob Flavin

Bob Flavin

You have to see what kind of cars people build in the backyard and then sell on Ebay

We have always had kits you could buy and stick on to a donor chassis but there’s a breed of builders that work tirelessly to bring you a knock-off version of the sports car we know and love. This happens a lot in the US where al lot of European sports cars are hugely expensive so the back-yard-builders make their own version, run out of money and sell it half-finished on Ebay.


If this is the replica then the original must have been made by someone who thought of putting doors on a Golf cart was a good idea. The seller doesn’t really know much about it and want’s a little over $3k for it.

We couldn’t confirm if the dog or indeed the woman in the hat are included in the sale.

dynasty car.jpg


Somewhere in the backyard a Rolls Royce had a dirty weekend with a VW Beetle and this abomination came out of that sordid night. The seller, from Finland, doesn’t go into any detail but it does come with a 1.2 boxer engine from 1964 and should never see the light of day. Avert your eyes if you’re squeamish.


3 Bugatti Veyron

We all know about the 1000hp Veyron that can go faster than almost anything on wheels, well this isn’t it. This is a 2004 Pontiac GTO with a 350hp V8 and still has 120 days of building left, can you imagine the shame of turning up to a car meet in this?

Veron 1.JPG

2 Venta-R body kit

This is just a fiberglass replica of a Lamborghini Aventador, there’s no chassis or engine included so for $4,600 you too can look a complete tool when you put this body on a Mark II Escort and but 100bhp 1.6ltr under the hood. The seller says it’s the cheapest Venta around, so far as we can see it’s the only Venta around, thank the car gods for that one.

venta lambo.JPG

1 Lambo replica kit thing

Our highest award, which might be one of the packet of Rolo’s I’m eating; eh no too late, goes to this yoke. We think that might be carpet on the exterior and some of Mammy’s special tin foil along the doors This car is based on a 1997 Firebird with a HUGE 3.8ltr 3800 Series 2 V6 and there’s a video of it “burning rubber” as the seller puts it on the page. Under the bonnet is a totally different colour than everything else and the interior looks like a place you are sent for punishment when you’ve committed a huge crime.

Gold Lambo.JPG
Gold Lambo 6.JPG
Gold Lambo 4.JPG
Gold Lambo 1.JPG

We admire the folks for putting in such an effort to make the cars they love the look of but they really need to get out more. Kit cars are a wonderful thing but making a replica version of a modern performance car is madness, it must stop or at least don’t show us pictures. Now we need to console ourselves with some mind-wash so here’s a picture of a real Lambo

lambo picture.jpg
3-4 ombra 001

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