Friday 20 April 2018

Tell Eddie: Yes, we really are getting worse with our driving habits on the road

Driving habits have deteriorated with drivers not using the phone and being distracted behind the wheel.
Driving habits have deteriorated with drivers not using the phone and being distracted behind the wheel.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

We've had lots of people on in response to Talking Point last week which asked if our driving and our habits on the road are getting better or worse.

Here's a sample:


I work in Dublin and live in Sallins, so commute every day. I also drive to and from south Offaly every weekend.

In my opinion driver behaviour has deteriorated to a very dangerous level, affecting all road users.

Recently I have witnessed:

1. A driver (female) sauntering along in the middle lane, her right hand holding a mobile phone/chatting, her left hand holding a hairbrush, brushing her hair and looking in her mirror (at her hair).

2. A driver moving straight across two lanes of traffic, from the fast lane into a petrol station, no indicating, looking, waiting, driving with care, just a straight line.

3. A car stopped/parked on the hard shoulder joining fast moving traffic from a standing position.

Two of the above I have witnessed more than once. And all on the N7 during rush-hour traffic.

Niamh McNamara



Have to totally agree with you.

I was talking to young girl today who failed her driving test because she did not look over shoulder when reversing around a corner. I ask you. And while we were talking she pointed out to me at least six people passing by driving and on mobile phones; all of them in their 40s and 50s. And then a lady came along in a big 4x4 with a cigarette in her mouth and the mobile held between her shoulder and her ear, and had to make several attempts to park the 4x 4 between two other cars , and young woman said to me: "I suppose all of those people have passed their test and I failed because I did not look over my shoulder." What are people thinking off and all of the above incidents happened in a small town.

M Kelly


Apart from people not indicating a lot of drivers hit brakes long before indicating.

This has caused me near cardiacs at times.

And the ones who drive at 65 with 40 cars behind and don't move over til they reach their own side road?

The level of inconsideration is incroyable.

(Name with Eddie).

And on other topics


The current reason for my needle shooting into the red zone is way in which car advertisements state €390 per month with no mention of the retail price of the car.

Why not say, for example: €25,000 or €390 per month so that one can readily compare prices with other makes?

Limerick reader

Indo Motoring

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