Tuesday 20 February 2018

'Safer if we cycled on the right; dangerous sods (turf) on roads'

Cycle safer
Cycle safer

Eddie, I drive, walk and cycle on the highways and byways of this country.

It still amazes me how many pedestrians walk on the incorrect side of the road- a publicity campaign on this issue would
not go amiss.

As a frequent cyclist I would love to cycle on the right hand side
 of the road, like pedestrians, thereby facing oncoming vehicular traffic.

There are reasons for the current rule but I find it extraordinarily dangerous to be passed regularly by vehicles only giving me a metre space and which I cannot see.

Surely our roads would be safer if we adopted this
change particularly in the absence of cycling
lanes in much of the country.

Padraig, Adare,



Do you think it would be safer if cyclists cycled against traffic instead of
 with it?

They would take up no more space than pedestrians and could
 see vehicles approaching.


(*Tell us what you think. Is this a mad idea, or worth considering?)



I am surprised that as a 'country man' you haven't mentioned the sods of turf on the road during the summer.

Why do some of the turf-cutting people insist on overloading their trailers.

Last week I counted about
 15 sods of turf on the local bypass.

A pity I didn't have time to
 collect them.

Pat (printed/posted letter
 with Eddie)

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