Tuesday 23 January 2018

Pedestrians need to listen too

Driver's don't and can't see everything - including pedestrians.
Driver's don't and can't see everything - including pedestrians.

EVERY car launch I go to they speak about pedestrian protection.

Bonnets have to meet stringent specifications and there is no end to what automakers have to do to protect pedestrians in the event of an accident.

It is all praiseworthy and necessary. And I believe the statistics are there to prove that pedestrians are more likely to be injured than killed because of the design of the front of a car.

Of course if there is wild speed involved it can become academic.

But there is a central point here and it is this. Several millions are being expended on reducing the threat to the well-being of other road users - in this case people on the road.

And quite a bit is being spent by the likes of the Road Safety Authority on alerting pedestrians.

But, with the greatest respect in the world to all concerned, it doesn't seem to register with those I encounter (thankfully at a distance) who:

*Eye you up and decide they will make that dash across the road and make it to the other side because you will slow down

*Take the view that you will exercise more care than them and walk behind or in front of you as you try to park or reverse the car

*Seem to think that because they have one foot out on the road that you will slow or stop and so they might as well keep going.

And so on.

What people like that don't seem to realise is that they too are road users and have to obey the same rules as the rest of us. The problem is they don't in many cases.So the car makers will have to continue to make their frontal areas more pedestrian friendly.

That is a sad fact of life as I see it and I hope I am not seen as being dramatic.

Any observant driver, I feel, would say the same thing.

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