Saturday 7 December 2019

Letter: Forget the survey, I still love my Renault

‘WISE CHOICE’: Renault Grand Megane DCI sparks response
‘WISE CHOICE’: Renault Grand Megane DCI sparks response

Brian McKenna

Hello — I enjoy the Motoring page in the Sunday Independent.

Last Sunday (February 14) there was news of a survey from a car insurer in which Renault fared badly.

I have no connection whatsoever with the motor trade. Now a pensioner, and still working, I have had many cars over the years.

I started with Chrysler (Avenger), then to various Renaults, then to Volvo and finally, in 2011 back to Renault. A wise choice.

I purchased a new Grand Megane DCI. I consider this to be an outstanding car.

It is extremely well built, very solid and with no rattles of any sort. The engine and gearbox are a joy, and it has never let me down.

The only problem I encountered was replacing a headlight bulb.

While I could complain about small things in the interior, I think my Renault is a truly outstanding car. Therefore, I can’t understand the result of the survey.

Of course, cars are a bit like restaurants. Just one bad experience can do a lot of damage.

Anyway, I am extremely pleased with my Grand Megane, and would happily trade in for another.


Brian McKenna

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