Tuesday 20 February 2018

For the Rekord: here's how that picture took me down memory lane

Eddie Cunningham with an Opel Rekord
Eddie Cunningham with an Opel Rekord

Barry Guilfoyle

It is remarkable how cars can spark vivid memories of their times. Here's a lovely one . Feel free to let us know of yours.

'Reading Eddie Cunningham's article on the Opel Rekord (pictured) took me back. I felt compelled to share my thoughts.

We had a red Rekord estate that served as a tool box and family car in the early 1980s. For a week each summer, the large loading area was emptied of tools and loaded with all needed for a week's holiday in Spiddal.

Six or seven children would be loaded in and we'd head for Galway. Before we hit Ballinasloe I would usually have vomited due to travel sickness. And the others would not be on speaking terms because of a row over seating arrangements. I would be told to sit in the load area until we arrived at Mrs Feeney's chalets on the outskirts of Spiddal.

The following morning we'd head for Silver Strand beach and by evening have a back you could fry eggs on. The rest of the week would entail lying on my stomach while my mother rubbed yogurt on my back to ease the burning. Or travelling around Connemara and trying in vain to ensure nobody tipped up against me.

Connemara was not the most interesting place to holiday as a 10-year-old but the memories are great. My father passed on 20 years ago now. That old Rekord and the many trips listening to Brendan Balfe on Sunday afternoons with '4-o'clock rock' still make me smile. Thanks for taking me back.

Indo Motoring

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