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Comment: We’re only fooling ourselves on ‘phone driving’

Eddie Cunningham


Driving talking on phone

Driving talking on phone

Driving talking on phone

It seems to me that today’s AA survey into phone-driving highlights one core problem with us motorists.

It is always the ‘other’ driver who does the calling or the texting at the wheel. Sure don’t we see them at it every day of the week? And, sure, the little bit we do ourselves is harmless: it’s nothing compared with what others are doing.

 There is a bizarre two-way logic at play: We see others doing it and they see us. So it is never US breaking the law.

We really need to cop ourselves on here because there are no grey areas allowed when it comes to physically using a phone while in control of what is potentially a killing machine.

Yes, that’s what our cars are: killing machines.

As the grim statistics of deaths on our roads affirm every year.

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