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Buyers sticking with old reliables but are eyeing up luxury cars too

Ford and Volkswagen top the list for used family cars


Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

We are sticking with the “old reliables” when it comes to buying a used family car. The Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus are our top choices , according to a new report.

But in the process, we are eyeing up luxury cars too, showing we have ambitions to buy one some day, perhaps.

The results of the CarsIreland.ie and Cartell.ie research show buyers are opting for similar vehicles to last year – the Golf and the Focus.

But before they buy them – at what is called the earlier phase of the purchase-cycle – buyers are considering other vehicles, according to Ross Conlon, CEO CarsIreland.ie and Group Director New Business at Mediahuis Ireland.

Or at least they are having a long, lingering look. Audi and BMW feature in the top three, for example.

And that shows purchasers may be initially considering what their budget can stretch to. 

For this study Cartell.ie looked at the most popular models in 2022 by total numbers of used-car transactions. These results were then compared with data from CarsIreland.ie.

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