Wednesday 13 November 2019

Video: The BMW 6 series gets an update for 2015

Bob Flavin

The BMW 6 Series is one of the sharpest looking Coupes money can buy, now BMW have updated it and still managed to keep the looks that made it great.

The 6 series doesn't always spring to mind as a car that you'll love, the coupe is a little on the sharp side for styling. That said the Gran Coupe version is still one of the most beautiful cars you can buy on the market. There's something about the four doors that make it an entirely different car.

Now there's a new coupe version that changes the look once again, there's also a new Gran Coupe but that's not officially released yet.

The Coupe is glorious to look at; it's sporty looking but still has the styling that we've gotten used to. It's the convertible version that really looks the part, there's something about taking the top off a sporty car that puts a smile on everyone’s face, even the people you pass by.

BMW have put a 4.4ltr V8 under the bonnet and while I love the noise and power I don't think it suits the prospective driver of the car. You see the 6 series goes down well with the 'doing well' group of buyers. They are the kind of mature buyers that want to show that things have gone right in this point of their life, there's grown up kids and it's Coupe time.


These kinds of people don't buy a 650i, they buy the 640d. You see the 640d is really all the engine you need, that diesel has high torque and can sound like a roll of thunder thanks to the engine not sounding like a diesel.

The 650i is blisteringly quick with 444bhp on tap, you can get from standstill to warp speed faster than the Starship Enterprise. It can be caught out with this power though, the traction control cuts in quite a bit on corners and back roads. The noise and grumble has me sold on the engine, when you settle down to a cruise there's a burble from behind your left ear that makes you want to drive everywhere in second gear.

The ride isn't quite GT spec as there are some jumps and suspension noises when going over the rougher roads, this is some of the problem I have with the 6 series; it looks like a GT but wants to drive like a Supercar. It's only out on the motorway when you put it all in auto that the car comes into just waft mode. Everything calms down and the car just gets on with driving while insulating you from the outside world.

The mild make-over the 6 series received works for me, I like the new details and the changes around the lights and grill has updated the car in all the right ways. I'm still waiting to drive the Gran Coupe version because it's my favourite look by far, although I think I'd stick with the diesel version because buying a V8 in Ireland with our tax system would take the good out of it.      

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