Thursday 12 December 2019

Video: The Audi A8, now with no added salt

The A8 needs some spice says Bob Flavin

Bob Flavin

The new A8 is a brilliant car that lacks some fun

These kinds of cars have a particular owner in mind and it’s not really the driver. They are designed for the type of executive that just wants to travel down the Autobahn very quickly and preferably in the back seat. They can also be designed as security cars, that’s where they get bullet proof glass and armour plated doors, you can also have your own oxygen supply in the boot; you’d be surprised how popular this is as an option.

Weirdness aside, the A8 is a limousine and while the driver is well set up and very comfortable there’s no real drivers edge to the car. If you go into a roundabout quickly the car just sags over until the suspension has caught up on you and then you straighten out and then your fine.

This isn’t news to Audi, they know who they make cars for and they know the kind of customer who buys them. The A8 like its competition is a status symbol, unlike what I say in the video it starts at €93,280 (I misread the numbers for video) and that’s some status.

If you spent that kind of money on the smaller A6 you’d be getting near the very top spec version. The A8 is bigger than A6 but not by that much and if you want a bigger boot buy the A6 Avant which starts at €47,940 and that will just about save you enough money to buy another Audi A6 to have as a spare.

The A8 does nothing wrong for the segment it lives in, it’s the best looking from the competition that Mercedes or BMW have to offer but it’s a car for people who don’t like having a spin down a back road and it’s also a car for people who don’t like driving at all. Personally I’d have the A6 or A6 allroad before the A8 but then I might like driving far too much.

As I say in the video, the A8 is like making the best toast in the world only to find there’s nothing but margarine in the fridge.


What do you guys think, have Audi gotten it right?

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