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The Skoda Octavia L&K it's a modern day passion wagon


The 80's should come back, the young people out there should know what's it's like to date in a car!

Many years ago there was a term ‘passion wagon’ this was in reference to a cars ability to attract members of the opposite sex into the back seat of a car. This used to be an important sales point of a car before we all had our own houses and mortgages that’ll never be paid.

The term seems to have died out but I’d like to think that the Skoda range might just fit the modern day bill.

I mean there’s a stylish exterior that has sharp lines and what’s becoming a rather exclusive logo. The car I’m in this week is the Octavia Laurin & Klement, this is a rather high spec version of the standard model.

There’s a DSG (automatic) box that changes gear like moving a knife through room temperature butter. Half leather seats that are not only comfortable but heated for that extra cosy feeling on cold nights.

Skoda has this ability of making space where there isn’t any, the back seat is huge and in reality that’s what made a passion wagon good. It was quite common that vans ended up being the place to be on date night but these days vans are a no go area for the young person and the night time Olympics.

While the back of the Superb has the most amount of space in the back the Octavia is far better looking and for the money biggest in its class. If you opt for the Combi (estate) you’ll have even more space in the boot along with almost fold flat seats and we are back to the passion wagon standard again.

While the Octavia does nothing wrong it’s hard to get excited about any diesel load lugger that said, there’s something about the Skoda range that makes me want to own one. I don’t know if it’s the ‘Simply Clever’ things that Skoda do or I want to bring back the passion wagon but I think that Skoda have created the modern version of the 80’s classic and made it work.

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