Thursday 22 March 2018

Peugeot is up for a clean fight

Car-maker calls for rivals to be more upfront about fuel efficiency as it puts 2008 to test

STYLISH BUT NOT FLASHY: The newly upgraded 2008 crossover model — which will be available here for 162 July sales — is impressive in terms of both comfort and running coststurers’
STYLISH BUT NOT FLASHY: The newly upgraded 2008 crossover model — which will be available here for 162 July sales — is impressive in terms of both comfort and running coststurers’

Martin Brennan

Peugeot has come out fighting on the issue of fuel-consumption figures. The company says it is about time for car-makers to come clean on the disclosure of real-time driving figures and has put the newly updated 2008 crossover model to the test.

While some other manufacturers have concealed the real figures on fuel performance and emissions, Peugeot, who like all manufactures has relied on official, ideal, factory-controlled, rolling-road test conditions, has been brave enough put its high-selling model in the hands of a panel of independent drivers to find the real on-the-road figures.

The results confirm what we have believed - manufacturers' figure are inaccurate and misleading and give a false impression of engine performances in terms of economy.

For example, official figures for the 2008's 1.2LPureTech 82bhp five-speed manual transmission engine are 4.9L/100km (57.6mpg) but the panel, driving over 90kms in urban and rural traffic, returned 6.3L/100km (44.3mpg) - a 12.7mpg reduction.

On a 1.2L PureTech 110bhp stop/start five-speed manual transmission model, official figures calculated a return of 4.4L/100km (58.8mpg) but on a 90km road test this changed to 7.1L/100km (39.7mpg) - a drop of 19.1mpg.

In a test on a 1.6L blueHDi 110bhp diesel engine, the official figures of 3.7L/100km changed to 5.1L/100km - a 2.3pc reduction in the officially claimed mpg figure.

Peugeot plans to show real-time driving figures on all models in the future and is encouraging other manufacturers to do the same. The company boasts that its diesel engines are ahead of current Nox emissions level standards and are in fact compliant with stricter rules which will come into force across Europe next year.

Along with the newly upgraded 2008 crossover, Peugeot is planning to bring another four new SUV model to market in the next 12 months. Some may not be on sale in Europe but an all-new 3008 SUV will be in the Paris Motor Show and a new 5008 SUV to replace the MPV will be here by Spring of next year. The newly launched 2008 model will be here for 162 July sales and is impressive in terms of comfort and running costs - important factors as it has to fight off models such as the Nissan Juke, Ford EcoSport, Renault Captur and first cousin Citroen Cactus C4.

The body is stylish but not as flashy as the Juke and it has a robust presence on the road. It gets a new vertical grille and headlights, wheel arch extensions and new scuff plates for best-selling versions with some new stand-out colours available. The rear lights have also been redesigned.

Inside, the i-Cockpit design gets an upgraded central touchscreen and new options include Mirror Screen Link and Apple CarPlay. The lowmounted compact steering wheel allows excellent vision of the instrument panel and gives drivers a full view of the road without distraction as all the key features are in their line of sight.

There are now four levels of trim. GT has been added to Access, Active and Allure and this gets special leather trim 17in alloy wheels and Peugeot's Grip Control, which delivers optimum traction on mud, snow and sand with all-season winter tyres as standard.

The Grip Control is a winning feature for Peugeot and can be added as an option on most models for under €300 as it detects and prevents front wheels from losing grip but does not attract the weight or extra expense of a 4X4 system. Prices are in the range of €19,000 to €27,000 depending on engine and specification. Sales of the 2008's puretech petrol engines are up 63pc and petrol now accounts for 1/3 of all 2008 sales.

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