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Optimism abounds as Mercedes reveals 1,000km electric concept

New frontiers


Mercedes Vision

Mercedes Vision

Mercedes Vision

Mercedes painted a picture of overwhelming optimism at the launch of its ultra-efficient VISION EQXX (pictured) concept this week.

Here’s what it said: “Range and efficiency are set to define the electric era.” Really? Isn’t that stating the obvious?

Yes, but it goes on: “Outstanding range will make electric cars suitable for every journey and will speed adoption. Exceptional efficiency will create a virtuous circle of battery size and weight reduction, allowing us to go further with less.”

And, of course Mercedes is determined to lead the way.

It claims the VISION EQXX allows it to explore “new frontiers” of efficiency.

It’s how it imagines the future of electric cars. It has a range of more than 1,000km on a single charge using a battery that would fit into a compact vehicle.

The automaker says it has ripped up the engineering rule book with it. Rather than just increasing battery size, it focused on maximising long-distance efficiency, energy density, aerodynamics and lightweight design.

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