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Kia ’s new EV9 Concept offers changeable interior to suit your mode


KIA’s new Concept, the EV9

KIA’s new Concept, the EV9

KIA’s new Concept, the EV9

Kia’s new Concept, the EV9 (pictured) hints at what their next wholly electric SUV concept is going to look like.

What they are describing as the “groundbreaking new design language” results in “adventurous and angular exterior”. 

The car is on show at AutoMobility LA.

It is regarded as the clearest signal so far of what the company has planned with, and for, their next EV.

Just like the recently arrived EV6, it is built specifically on the company’s advanced Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

They say the design, inspired by nature, uses up-cycled materials developed from waste deposited in the marine ecosystem.

The three-row concept is 4,930mm long, 2,055mm wide, 1,790mm tall, has a wheelbase of 3,100mm and there are 22ins wheels.

In the interests of aerodynamics, it also has retractable roof rails that close inwards when not in use – and open at the press of a button.

A next-gen camera system replaces conventional wing mirrors and further improves aerodynamics. And there is a panoramic sky roof.

Inside there is an interactive 27ins ultra-wide display which acts as the nerve centre for driver and passenger requirements.

Fascinating that the car also has three ‘forward-thinking’ interior modes. Active Mode is when the car is on the move.

In Pause Mode the seats switch around so the first-row and third-row face each other. The second-row seats fold down and become a table.

Enjoy Mode opens the tailgate and ‘lets in’ the outside while you seat comfortably within.

Here’s hoping we get the weather to enjoy.

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