Sunday 21 January 2018

Citroen claims new C4 pushes petrol engines much closer to diesel economy

C4: Citroen-Peugeot PSA has been spearheading the drive to improve petrol engine efficiency
C4: Citroen-Peugeot PSA has been spearheading the drive to improve petrol engine efficiency

Martin Brennan

Consider petrol engines next time you go out to buy a new car. The diesel alternative is more expensive to buy, and based on an estimated average annual 17,420kms driving it could take almost eight years to recover the price difference.

Figures produced by Citroen at the launch of its new C4 range and turbo-charged PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engines show some amazing comparisons between the petrol and diesel options.

In the case of the C4 Cactus BLUEHDI 100 Vs, the PureTech 82, which has a price difference of €2,550, Citroen calculates that it will take 7.8 years covering 136,364kms (based on the estimate of annual kms travelled) before you recoup the extra initial outlay.

The figures are based on the much improved efficiency of today's petrol engines. The Citroen-Peugeot PSA group, renowned for its diesel engines over the years, has been spearheading the drive to improve petrol-engine efficiency as it pushes to gain sales in the huge Chinese market, where petrol engines dominate the motor scene.

Citroen also compared its C4 BLUEHHI 100 with the petrol PureTech 110 engine and calculated that on an extra price difference of €1,050 on the diesel option it would take 3.4 years to cover the price difference, and three years when the C4 Cactus BLUEHDI 100 was compared with the PureTech 110, where the price difference is also €1,050.

The new turbo PureTech engines reduce C02 emissions by 18pc compared with today's 4-cylinder petrol engines, and give good torque at low engine speeds - 95pc at 1,500 rpm. Engines are now lighter, and fuel consumption figures are helped by reducing friction, which accounts for 20pc of power consumed. This has been achieved by putting special toughened coating on the pistons, lubricating the tuning belt and altering the crankshaft size.

The result is that in the case of the PureTech 82 engine in the C4 Cactus, fuel consumption runs at 4.6L/100km (61.4mpg) according to Citroen's official test figures which represents a huge improvement on older petrol engines, which is now closer to diesel-power economy. Citroen say the PureTech technology offers up to 25pc lower fuel consumption. Also, these engines benefit from tax relief because of low C02 emissions, (105g/km with 16" wheels and 107g/km with 17" wheels) and are more environmentally friendly.

The C4 range, which has been refreshed goes, on sale this month, and it has Hill Start Assist, hands-free keyless entry and start, a new 7" Touchscreen, Blind Spot monitoring, LED running lights, optional massaging front seats, panoramic sun roof, and a class-leading 408-litre boot.

Interior furnishing has been improved with new upholstery materials and a more user-friendly dashboard.

There are three levels of trim to choose from. Prices start at €19,995 for the PureTech 110 manual rising to €23,395 for the BLUEHDI 100 manual.

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