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Your views: Rudeness; reversing; mis-use of roundabouts; yielding to traffic on the right


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Bugbears on round-abouts and lack of indicators are outlined by our readers.


Your recent comments to help people reverse cars out of driveways rattled my cage as it's a bugbear with me.

When I learned to drive 50 years ago it was emphasised never to reverse out into oncoming traffic. The solution was to reverse in and drive out.

The road markings for cars in some towns facilitate this unsafe practice by the angle of the road markings, and ensuring you have no choice but to reverse into oncoming traffic with, perhaps, a fogged-up window or a large van obscuring the view.

Surely this is unsafe practice?



The rudeness of people in car parks is sometimes beyond belief. They would knock you down to beat you to a car park near the shops.

This makes it difficult for older drivers in particular.

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Surely we haven't gone back to the 'Me Only' mindset of the boom years?



I live in Germany and I have the right to come out of side roads because in a built up area it's the right before left rule.

It is a not a cultural thing, you have to slow down. So if you see a bonnet protruding from the right you must let them turn right. It's a traffic calming law.

Hope that helps. Holland is the same.



It's 'Give way to traffic from the right' in all suburban streets in Germany unless there's a 'priority' sign displayed (yellow diamond with white border).

There can be more to European driving than meets the eye.



I couldn't agree more with your opinion on people not knowing how to use roundabouts. (From your article in Review).

I'm currently helping both my son and my daughter to learn how to drive, and the one time I'm nervous when I'm in the car with them is when we're approaching, and going through, roundabouts.

Not because they are doing anything wrong, but because of the ignorance of supposedly more experienced drivers, who ignore the proper way roundabouts should be handled.

My daughter, on one of our recent outings, had to swerve to avoid one such driver who cut right across her bow as we were preparing to turn right. The other 'experienced' driver was going straight through, and therefore should have stayed on the left hand side of the roundabout as opposed to cutting across in front of us.

My daughter ended up with her front wheels against the roundabout - if she hadn't swerved and stopped she would have crashed into the other car.

The lack of indicating is also very frustrating, especially if you're waiting to pull onto the roundabout, and the approaching vehicle from your right, which you're waiting to come past you, suddenly turns left without signalling.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea for the roads authority (or whoever looks after these things) to paint actual lanes on the roundabouts, to encourage drivers to stay where they should and not stray over in front of other drivers.