Tuesday 20 March 2018

Your views on the soaring cost of insurance; those political posters

EYESORE: Irish election campaign posters line the path of the Giro d'Italia in the Republic.
EYESORE: Irish election campaign posters line the path of the Giro d'Italia in the Republic.

We've had a big response on our insurance article last week. Here's a sample. And political posters are causing some grief. Let us know what you think.


New-car owners are already paying far too little road tax, so don't be giving companies ideas about cutting their insurance bills. It's unfair that poorer people who drive older cars are paying more road tax than the rich.

PS: Why don't the RSA remind people on country roads not to walk with their backs to the traffic, especially in evening times when motorists are dazzled by the sun.

Edward, Roscommon


Your article is very timely. I just got renewal notice and it's double what it was last year. From €306 to €609.

Although I changed to an Audi A3 I got a direct NO to a request for a reduction as my mileage is low - just 1,400 kilometres since Sept 2014.

There was no effort to convince me to stay and in fact when I grumbled, I was asked if I wanted to cancel.

I intend to look around but will definitely not insure with this crowd who frankly don't seem to care whether or not they keep the business.



During last year's election campaign, several posters were put up on the bridge that carries Castleknock Road over the M50. At least two blew down and fortunately landed inside the crash barrier on the slip road.

Another one had cut through one of the two cable ties attaching it to a lamp post and was flapping violently in the wind.

You can imagine that the consequences of a poster coming down onto someone's windscreen could be disastrous. I pointed this out to all the candidates and parties concerned and was met with a mixture of waffle, silence and snide comments.

Apart from the danger of the posters coming off the lamp posts onto the motorway, there's the danger of them being dropped when being erected or taken down or the cutters used to cut the cable ties being dropped.

(Name with Eddie)

Indo Motoring

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