Tuesday 25 June 2019

Your views on safety, old-car insurance, EVs


Eddie, It is alright talking about safe driving, but it is an impossible task to enforce it.

People are doing what they like on country roads where they know there is little or no chance of them being detected.

I believe that is because checkpoints and cameras are mostly located where the money is. By that I mean where the volume of traffic is.

We need to realise that out of sight is out of mind for many drivers, and that despite what the authorities say, enforcement follows volume.

There is a 'get away with it' mentality. I see it in rural Ireland every day and every night.

I don't have a solution, but I'm contacting you to say we should face facts and realise what we are dealing with: a mentality that places responsibility on others, not ourselves. I'll admit most people are law abiding but there is a big rump of devil-may-cares. Until we can get to them, our roads will remain dangerous.

Joseph, Limerick.


You recently highlighted the cost of insuring older cars - that's if you can get a quote. I have never contacted anyone in the media before, but I am boiling.

My insurance for my 2005 car has gone from €900 to €2,200 in a couple of years. It is an absolute disgrace. My car is well minded, passes its NCT, has relatively low mileage and has never given a bit of trouble.

I am 40 years driving and I've never had as much as a scratch.

How can it be that I am being punished for being careful, not lavishing money on a new car and minding the one I have? It goes against natural justice.

Michael, Galway


People don't know the pressure some of us are under to keep a car on the road.

I have a small pension, live on my own and need a car to do my shopping and to see a few faces as I live rurally.

Yet my car is taxed to the hilt because it is 2004 (road tax) and my insurance is frightening.

In my case, and I'm sure many others, it is a double blow - road tax and insurance.

Phil, Cork


You're a bit of a hypocrite, sanctimoniously hand-wringing about safety while, often on the same page, extolling the virtues of some high-performance cars.

You can't have both: preaching safety and praising speed. You are giving bad example.

Deirdre, Dublin.


Your piece on the new emissions system WLTP is a clear case of how we let things creep up on us.

Why do we have to have panic stations now? Or are you fanning the flames? Surely the Government could have put an interim plan in place to avoid all the confusion.

Gerry, Wicklow


I like your re-introduction of Tell Eddie. It gives people like me a voice. Could I appeal, through your column, for people to please observe parking spaces for the disabled? It is a shocking thing to find yourself blocked out with nowhere else to go.

Marie, Dublin


You really should pay more attention to electric vehicles.

I notice from your (otherwise excellent) advice column you are always saying diesel for 15,000k or more. That is absolute rubbish and a poor reflection on your grasp of how anyone can make an EV fit in around their lifestyle.

So start recommending EVs for more people.

They might as well start now - electric is the future, as you so often, and contradictorily, point out.

William, Dublin

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