Sunday 25 February 2018

Your suggestions on how to avert needless child deaths in our cars

Children wearing seatbelts saves lives
Children wearing seatbelts saves lives

Here are just a few of the emails in response to last week's piece on car seats. Thank you.


An RSA ad of a child being flung from a car seat would most definitely put the chills up parents in my opinion. I for one would not like to see or experience it.

A simple ante-natal class would be a huge benefit. Nobody is shown the correct way to buckle in a child. I will put my hands up and admit I did not tighten those straps in case I hurt the baby.

The RSA need to encourage extended rear-facing seats for longer. We need more adverts on TV not a few seconds of a clip on a YouTube video.

Staff in shops that sell car seats need to be better educated. Many staff have never heard of extended rear facing. Clodagh


The one reason Sweden has virtually no child deaths on their roads is because of extended rear facing car seats (ERF). There is so much information available on this but most people only learn about it by chance, as I did on a parenting forum. It is not pushed by the RSA.

Their take on it is that we should get people using car seats in the first place before we get them to use ERF seats.

How long will this take? When do we get to a point where we say: "Ok, now there are enough people using car-seats, let's push the ERF thing"?

There will always be non-compliant people no matter what the rules are, as you mention in your article.

If something is undeniably safer to the point of saving lives, what is the delay in informing the public on this and letting people decide?

It's common for parents shopping for ERF seats to be told by staff that it's illegal to keep a child rear facing, or that they are not safe.

They are just misinformed, which is a terrible thing.

The ERF seats are more expensive and will continue to be until their use is more widespread.

They are harder to fit properly, they take up more space, the people in the front seat have less legroom.... but they are without doubt safer.

As for children in car seats wearing bulky coats, well that's another lethal mistake that parents just don't realise they are making. Aifric


It struck me that an article on extended rear facing seats (five times safer than forward facing) might be useful for your readers. Also, the RSA offer a free 'check it fits' service for car seats which might be worth a mention also. Karla


With such a high level of incorrectly fitted seats, many parents must be unaware and so would appreciate the opportunity to have inspections.

Can awareness and momentum be raised with voluntary sign up?

Car seat inspections at supermarket car parks or RSA outlets? Bryan


I've just read your article on child seats. I am a widowed grandfather of two grandchildren and your article has prompted me to get involved in trying to influence their car travel safety in so far as I can.

Is there a safety ranking list available on baby/child seats or independent information anywhere that might assist me in this area? I would appreciate any help on this? Owen

Any ideas for this reader?

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