Tuesday 20 March 2018

Your simple solution to lane hoggers. And why EVs are hard to get...

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Your simple solutions to the problem of lane hoggers
Your simple solutions to the problem of lane hoggers

So many people have been in contact about lane hogging to say that it is clearly a major, major problem.

It is noteworthy that virtually all who contacted us are suggesting much the same means of tackling it: put more Traffic Corps patrols on the road.

The reasoning behind this for many contributors is that lane hogging is leading to impatience and risk taking and hereby significantly increasing the risk of an accident.

Here are small extracts from the suggestions: Note similarity of content:

* 'Time the speed patrols did just that on these stretches of motorway.'

* 'More important for gardai to do this than shooting fish in a barrel at UCD underpass.'

* 'Why not bring in a high-profile three-penalty points campaign?'

* 'Unless gardai get the funding to take the initiative, nothing will be done.'

* 'This is the single biggest source of anxiety on the road. Let's have a clampdown. That would heighten awareness.'

* 'Why don't the Gardai place their detector crews and parked detector vans off-motorway where speeds and standards of driving are unbelievable and most deaths occur?'

There are dozens and dozens more in similar vein so it is fair to say there is a groundswell of opinion out there in favour of action of some sort. There were exceptions. Here's one:

* 'Allow passing inside or outside. It works fine in USA and Canada, so why can it not work in Ireland? Drivers are no different both sides of the ocean.'

Again, thank you so much for your response. But now to something different. Electric cars. Here's one reader's complaint.


We've been considering the electric car for long time now but there are some details that are not helping me, and I guess others, to prefer an electric car over the multiple car options these days.

Some are: electric vehicle cost where the manufacturer offers an EV version of an existing model that is way more expensive than the petrol version. Examples: e-Golf, Renault Zoe, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Maybe the Leaf (Nissan) is the only exception. Also, the savings in petrol could be substantial but only if you drive enough to justify this more expensive vehicle.

Many models are just not available on the Irish market or the dealers don't have it to test. The Mercedes B-Class electric is available in the UK. Mercedes here still cannot tell me when it will be available in ROI.

Renault Zoe - I went to a dealer in Dublin. They said they didn't have one.

I still believe electric is the way to go. It's just that in these conditions EV is the best option to very few of us.


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