Saturday 24 February 2018

Your frustration over lack of spare wheels in so many cars

Drivers feel that puncture repair kits aren't adequate
Drivers feel that puncture repair kits aren't adequate

Several readers have been in contact to express their frustration at the lack of spare wheels in cars.


I got a puncture in my 12-reg Kia Rio and went to get the spare wheel. You know the story. I rang for roadside assistance (three years free).

After being sorted, I drove to the garage immediately to get it fixed, as I was not sure how long the tyre would stay inflated.

I then went to the dealership where I bought the car and asked if I'd be up the creek if I got another puncture. They were sympathetic, but explained the car did not come with a spare wheel.

After a long chat they ordered one for me. I had to pay €250. I will never buy a car that does not have a spare wheel.

Do these manufacturers not realise the danger of grinding to a halt on a miserable day with children in the car (in my case grandchildren)? The men who decided to scrap this essential piece of equipment must be sitting on their brains. - Maria


Unlike the reader who had no spare wheel recently with a new Nissan Note, I purchased a Nissan Pulsar in January with a proper spare wheel as part of the package.

This was a key element in my decision to purchase. Repair kits do not cut the mustard.

- Brian


I have over the past three years had only two flats but both were due to pothole damage and no puncture repair kit would get me home.

- Peter


I drive a BMW 5-series. My wife drives a small hatchback. Neither has spare wheels. My car has run-flats (€250 each to replace). My wife's car has that electric device to pump up her wheels. No way would she attempt to use it.

I got a puncture in the run-flats once and got it mended even though I was advised to replace it. At €250 a pop, I said, no way was I throwing away a tyre with 8k miles on it. Now I carry two of those canisters to pump in goo if I get a puncture.

- Ray

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