Tuesday 24 October 2017

You can be the TopGear Star in a reasonably priced car

Bob Flavin

Bob Flavin

You can lap Dunsfold with The Stig and set your own lap time

Ever looked at Tom Cruise's lap time and mutter that you could do that in your sleep? If you think you can TopGear are offering the track experience starting on the 27th of August you can pay for a day on the track, the long route is the one you see on TV costs £175 UK Pounds plus flights and whatever other stuff you want to buy.

TopGear are right to cash in on the track as it's just a runway during the off-season of filming. Barring Jeremy Clarkson doing something he shouldn't then you can book a day with the Stig and when the new season of TopGear starts you can sit smugly in the armchair and tell your family the best approach lines for Hammerhead.


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