Friday 23 February 2018

Women angrier than men? Families pick the Scenic; Superb show. The next Qashqai ?

A report has found that woman are angrier behind the wheel
A report has found that woman are angrier behind the wheel

Frankly, I don't believe it, but new research suggests women drivers are angrier than men.

How can you quantify that? The researchers say women are 12pc angrier when they're behind the wheel.

The recent study of 1,000 drivers reveals women reacted with more ire when undertaken, shouted or beeped at - or had to deal with a back-seat driver.

The researchers say: "In all test scenarios, women were more likely to respond with anger than male drivers."

The experiment was conducted by Patrick Fagan, behavioural psychologist from Goldsmiths University London in conjunction with Hyundai.

Using data from the research and technology they created what they claim is the first Driving Emotion Test (DET). This involves facial coding technology, eye tracking analysis, galvanic skin response and a heart rate monitor. The results were fed into special software and that's what produced the results.

I still don't think it's representative - from what I've seen on our roads anyway.

But there were other nice insights. For example, men find it easier to talk when driving, with 14pc saying a chat made them a better driver

More than half (54pc) said that singing in the car made them "really happy".

Other things that make us happy, apparently, include empty roads (84pc), countryside (78pc) and seaside (69pc). Music also makes us happy; 80pc often listen. Meatloaf's Bat out of Hell and Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody top the driving charts.

* The country's parents have spoken: the car they like most is the Renault Scenic.

It has just won the Family Car of the Year award at the Maternity & Infant Awards for the second time in three years. The award is the only one based on votes and tests for, and by, parents.

* Volvo's newest engine is the front wheel drive in the S90 saloon 150hp D3 which they claim is capable of 64.2 mpg and 115g/km. Prices start at €43,900.

* Bit disconcerting to hear Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn say they will decide next month whether or not they will build the new Qashqai in the UK following the Brexit decision.

* The Skoda Superb is 15 years old, believe it or not, and 900,000 have been bought. Meanwhile the new Kodiaq 7-seater SUV has gone into production.

* Reports suggest the next Opel Meriva people carrier will not copy others and look like an 'SUV', though it will be a lot more stylish than the current one.

It will use a PSA group (Peugeot/Citroen) platform. That's possible because of the industrial partnership between General Motors and the French group.

* Phew! Someone ISN'T going mad trying to make a car that drives itself. Toyota say they are in no hurry at all to join the stampede.

Automotive News Europe quotes Seigo Kuzumaki, Toyota's assistant chief safety technology as saying: "A completely autonomous car is not what we're looking for. Our priority is to reduce the number of accidents."

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