Sunday 22 April 2018

Why you could be putting your children's lives at risk

Not having proper tyres could put our children at risk
Not having proper tyres could put our children at risk
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

It is a novel approach to safety so it is worth highlighting - because it could save lives.

A new awareness campaign is underlining how we could be putting our children's lives at risk by not having proper tyres.

It's aimed not just at parents, but grandparents, friends, childminders etc.

The drive is being pushed by UK tyre safety charity TyreSafe. They reckon children can clock up:

l Around three hours a week in the car with their parents,

l Around 96 hours a year with grandparents at the wheel,

l Friends, childminders and guardians can also regularly transport children, regardless of age, to nursery, school, clubs, parties and other activities.

But the big worry, according to TyreSafe, is that more than one-in-four carers may be driving "with illegal or poorly maintained tyres".

The campaign is hugely applicable here in Ireland too.

It stresses the importance of tyres in keeping everyone safe but emphasises that it is the driver's responsibility to check them.

The core message is: It's important that everyone in the 'care network' regularly makes sure their car's tyres are safe.

Check please.

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