Tuesday 16 July 2019

Why women are 'pic' of bunch, four classics, shadowy concepts, Margot blazes EV trail

Actor Margot Robbie, Nissan's new electric vehicle (EV) ambassador
Actor Margot Robbie, Nissan's new electric vehicle (EV) ambassador

Should you be thinking of selling your car, then apparently the best thing to do is to get a woman to take a picture of it.

It seems that women take far better, more creative, shots for cars that are to be advertised for sale.

The findings come from examining hundreds of images uploaded to the car trading website Wizzle, where consumers offer their car for sale directly to dealers.

Experts say it reflects the growth of the 'Instagram culture' whereby the popular photographic social media platform is dominated by creative images posted by women.

Although there are thousands of scientific studies of how men and women see the physical world differently, Wizzle say the explanation is more simple.

Their research suggests, simply, that women like to take more interesting photographs than men.

* Four rarely-seen show-stoppers will be on display at the London Classic Car show this week.

In their day (long past and newly present) they were futuristic pioneers from Aston Martin, Jaguar, Peugeot and Opel/Vauxhall.

The oldest is the Aston Martin Atom, one of the first fully-functioning concept cars. The newest is the Jaguar C-X75 which we saw first at the 2010 Paris Motor Show (it also recently starred in the James Bond film 'Spectre'.)

And in between there is the 1970 Vauxhall SRV; and nearly 50 years younger is the 217mph Peugeot Oxia.

* Alfa Romeo will shortly have two more crossovers to go with their first SUV the Stelvio; one will be smaller and the other will be bigger. Makes sense now that everyone is buying SUVs.

* And virtually everyone is talking about diesel's demise but Nissan seem to have great faith in it yet. They have decided to bring in a diesel in their Micra for Europe - unusual for a small car.

* Toyota have given a barely recognisable hint of what their futuristic concept car will look like when it is unveiled at Geneva next month.

The i-TRIL concept will show, we're told, what the Japanese maker envisages urban driving will be like in 10 years' time or so.

* We've also only got a shadowy outline at this stage of the new Hyundai i30 estate which they will show at Geneva as well. It follows the 5dr hatch which recently went on sale here.

* Mercedes-AMG will unveil a 600bhp-plus 4dr saloon concept, known as the GT4, at Geneva next month.

* Actor Margot Robbie is Nissan's new electric vehicle (EV) ambassador. And she has earned her spurs by racing the automaker's electric BladeGlider sports car around the famous Monaco Grand Prix circuit - at midnight no less.

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